Canada Goose Vintage Collection: A Journey Through Time

The Genesis of Goose

Known years ago as Snow Goose, Canada Goose started by crafting woollen vests, raincoats, and snowmobile suits designed for the bravest, those ready to tackle the most severe weather. This spirit of enduring resilience grew stronger in the 1970s when David Reiss took over the company from his father-in-law, Sam Tick, introducing innovative, volume-based down-filling technology. Today, our vintage collection pays homage to this rich history, including numerous pieces proudly bearing the original Snow Goose label.

The Advent of the Northern Parka

The Northern Parka makes its debut starting in 1984, however, its design is rooted in innovation and inspiration from the 1970s. This significant piece was known as the first parka filled using the down machine, beginning our commitment to technological innovation in pursuit of comfort and performance.

Unmatched Warmth for Extreme Climates

In the 1980s we developed the Expedition Parka to meet the unique needs of scientists braving extreme conditions at Antarctica's McMurdo Station. Quickly becoming standard issue, it earned the nickname "Big Red". Today, our commitment to protect those who live and work in the world's harshest climates continues, including producing several parkas for the National Science Foundation. This enduring alliance reaffirms our legacy as creators of one of the warmest jackets on the planet.

The Enduring Legacy of the Freestyle Vest

The all-season Freestyle Vest is one of our classic staples and dates back to the mid-1980's. The Vest was originally produced for men but demand for this versatile piece soon ushered in a complementary women's cut. Over the years, we have updated the Freestyle Vest with both style and performance enhancements. Want to know if your vest is vintage? If there's an embroidered green maple leaf on the front, it was produced prior to 2009.

The Snow Goose to Canada Goose Journey

In 2001, When Dani Reiss took over from his father, Snow Goose evolved into Canada Goose, signaling a new era of innovative expansion. This transformation introduced the Arctic Disc, replacing the Snow Goose emblem, and deepening our connection to the North.